What is Music Ranked?

Music Ranked has morphed into a website and music community that showcases and shares the best songs, albums, podcasts, movies, and coverage from the top bands and musicians. 

MusicRanked.com originally started as a project where founder Eric Hersey tested his algorithm to see if ranking individual songs could help you rank your favorite bands/artists and favorite albums. During initial research, it was clear that there was not a definitive hub that helped users find “the best of” information about their favorite acts. 

The website continues to help organize and rank music (and compares to others), it’s a great knowledge base for everything you need to know about bands and artists through the years.

The website continues to grow each day with new articles and discoveries.

Table of Contents



Guidelines & Rules

The goal is to provide a place for music fans or general curious internet users to discover more about bands and artists. This is not a simple Wiki, but a multimedia site that will help you listen, watch, and explore everything you would want to know about an artist. This can also be a community for those seeking additional information about artists or bands.

Ranking Order

Authors Eric Hersey and Todd Hersey created a master list that will be used when deciding what artist to cover next. 

You can learn more about the creation of the list and understand the dynamics that helped create this order.

Author Opinions

Eric Hersey and Todd Hersey will share their opinion, thoughts, and memories of each artist throughout the website. Neither Todd nor Eric is a profound musician and/or covers the music industry professionally. They represent the average music fan. 

They both rank music based on their own criteria. It will be subjective, but it is consistent and based on a process.

Critic Opinions

Throughout the website, you will see star rankings and references to critics. Much like the Rolling Stone article to help determine the list, it’s important to get expert opinions on songs, albums, and media. 

After careful consideration and research, the best website to use for critic data for individual songs and albums was AllMusic.com. With their long history of covering the music industry online and use of the five-star ranking system, we can take the user data to compare against our authors and community.

Although anyone with an AllMusic.com account can rate and review, we understand only the most enthusiastic users will have accounts and proactively rank music on their platform.