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Podcasts have gained popularity over the years and there is no shortage of podcasts centered around The Beatles. From an occasional interview with Paul or Ringo to archive audio from the early days of The Quarrymen – you can learn a lot by consuming The Beatles Podcasts.  

Top 10 Beatles Podcasts



Best Beatles Podcasts

There are entire series and podcasts channels dedicated to The Beatles. Much like documentaries and books, The Beatles have plenty of representation in the audio form. Some of the podcasts do a great job taking individual details about a specific person/topic and providing a great deal of information. Others share their opinions and cultural significance of the band, songs, and albums. 

The TodCast Podcast

the tod cast with eric cover

Creator of Music Ranked! Eric discusses The Beatles with his brother Todd – reviewing albums, songs, movies, and even podcasts! This was the initial pilot episode of the Music Ranked! concept – soon branching off into the separate podcast.

Ranking The Beatles

ranking the beatles podcast

Musician and self-described Beatles fanatic Jonathan Pretus ranked the entire recorded catalog of the Beatles, because he’s a big, big nerd. Then he decided to make a podcast to talk with other people and learn about their connection with The Beatles’ music.

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Nothing is Real

Nothing is Real a Beatles Podcast

50 years on, the world is still in love with The Beatles. Join Nothing Is Real hosts Jason Carty & Steven Cockcroft as they continue the never-ending conversation about the greatest band the world has ever known. Each episode puts a tiny piece of the Beatles story under the microscope to try and make sense of it all. Coming at you live, on tape, from Dublin. 

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Producing The Beatles

Producing The Beatles Podcast

Producing The Beatles is a podcast that dives more into the making and producing of the songs from George Martin’s perspective. Host Jason Kruppa breaks down the recordings, listening to outtakes, demos, and multitrack recordings.

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Compleatly Beatles

Compleatly Beatles Podcast Cover

Join Sneaky Dragon’s Ian Boothby and David Dedrick as they discuss every Beatles album and every Beatles song, one at a time. It’s Compleatly Beatles!

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Screw It - We're Just Gonna Talk About The Beatle

screw it we're just gonna talk about the beatles podcast

Friends from the Los Angeles comedy scene discuss the Beatles, an album at a time. We have no reason to, nor any special qualifications. We just want to because we’re obsessed with the band, like any rational human. 

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Something About The Beatles

Something About The Beatles

Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles’ music and career. Smart, funny and surprising – just like the Fab Four.

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Ken Dashow's Beatles Revolution

Ken Dashow's Beatles Revolution Podcast

We pick apart why and how The Beatles phenomenon occurred. On ‘Ken Dashow’s Beatles Revolution’ we’ll get into the combination of talent, hard work and luck that changed everything!

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Looking Through the Glass Onion

An in-depth look at all of the Beatles songs from a unique perspective.

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Things We Said Today

things we said today beatles podcast

Things We Said Today is a weekly discussion of the hottest Beatles news topics and interviews of Beatles personalities by an experienced group of Beatles writers and broadcasters — Ken Michaels, Allan Kozinn and Darren DeVivo

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More Beatles Podcasts

If you are looking for more Beatles podcasts, you might want to head over to your favorite podcast streaming platform and type in “The Beatles”. There are far too many to list – but not all are created equal. Here are a few additional podcasts worth seeking out. 

the beatles books podcast

The Beatles Books Podcast

A podcast that chats to a wide variety of Beatle authors and writers. What inspired them to add their entry into a library of over 1000 books?

My Favourite Beatles Song

Each episode Tim Tucker talks to a distinguished guest about their favourite song by the Beatles.

the beatles anthology podcast

The Beatles Anthology

British music journalists and Beatles experts Kevin Holwett and Mark Ellen discuss the classic Anthology releases, shining a light on the fascinating stories behind these albums which tell the story of the development of The Beatles career.


Podcasts for your eyes – these documentaries are a great way to learn more about The Beatles. Much like podcasts, they come in a wide variety. Although most podcasts involve hosts going back and forth, these documentaries are a bit less about conversation and more about telling a narrative story of the band. 

Beatles Anthology Cover

The Beatles Anthology (1995)

Nearly 30-years after The Beatles took over the music industry, we were served a three-volume documentary covering the start and end of the band. The highlight for many was the two new songs based on Lennon demo recordings. 

The Compleat Beatles

The Compleat Beatles (1982)

Although it’s tough to compare against The Beatles Anthology, this 1982 documentary does a great job giving you a run-down of the success and shortcomings of the iconic band – all within 2-hours. 

The Beatles Get Back Cover

Get Back (2021)

TV Show, Movie, or Documentary – it’s tough to really define exactly what Get Back is. It’s probably a combination of all the above. We are a fly on the wall, watching The Beatles as they recorded Let It Be and it’s terrific.

Top Rated Beatles Books

Most of your good Beatles podcasts grab information from books. There is no better way to consume every little detail about The Beatles than reading a book. If you listen to a podcast and want to learn more, these titles might help you.

And in the End - Beatles Book

And in the End: The Last Days of The Beatles

It’s hard to imagine at any point the greatest rock band in the world was spiraling downward. In what would be their last year, the “Fab Four” recorded Abbey Road and the rest is history.

Tell Me Why The Beatles Book

Tell Me Why: The Beatles: Album By Album, Song By Song, The Sixties And After

A unique combination of musical analysis and cultural history, Tell Me Why stands alone among Beatles books with its single-minded focus on the most important aspect of the band: its music. 

The Beatles Album by Album Book Cover

The Beatles: Album by Album: The Band and Their Music by Insiders, Experts & Eyewitnesses

A team of experts write about each era of the band’s existence, examining what they were doing for each of their original 12 UK-release albums.

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The Great Albums Podcast

The Great Albums

Two indie rock musicians, Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson, dive into the fandom of great rock and pop music and how it connects to their lives through the lens of the medium they care for most, the album.

Discord & Rhyme Podcast

Discord & Rhyme

A music podcast where we discuss our favorite albums, song by song.

The Vinyl Guide Podcast

The Vinyl Guide

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