The List

The Rankings

RankAlbumEric ScoreTodd ScoreReader
001Beatles, The3657.75%001000
003"Weird" Al Yankovic1710.84%003000
005Simon and Garfunkel859.65%007002
006Elton John827.11%012006
007Electric Light Orchestra802.34%005-002
008Pink Floyd647.62%008000
009The Doors633.33%017008
012Phil Collins505.26%011-001

The original list started in 2007 and was based entirely on my subjectivity and general thought of the artist/s. Since, I have developed a process and formula for calculating a better reflection of my Top List of Musical Artists.


This list will be updated whenever I acquire new qualifying music.


This list is based solely on my opinion of the artist/s. I do not take in technical ability, importance to the industry, or overall perception. This is a ranking of how the music and songs of the artist make me feel – nostalgic and my personal preference is the biggest factor to all.