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Today, Richard Marx might be best known for his Twitter wit and comebacks. He has been recognized and featured on several prominent podcasts over the last few years, but not to sound too hipster – I was there and listening to Richard Marx during his initial climb to fame.

The Backstory of Richard Marx and Me

Ugly Chairs in the Living Room

Much like many of my early 90s favorites, immune memories trace back to my father and his musical preferences. Richard Marx was one of his absolute favorites. Unfortunately, I have no idea what struck his fancy with Richard Marx. His genre of choice was mostly classic rock, but soft rock started to creep up in his playlist.

Afternoons on the weekend and evenings during the weekday, my father would sit in our ‘middle room’ and just listen to his CD player. Sometimes he would have some headphones on, but most of the time he would let the music play throughout the house. This happened at both homes I

Richard Marx CDs were played weekly. I have some of the most vivid memories of walking into the room and seeing my dad just listening – sitting in a flower print recliner. Yes, we had acquired some of the gaudiest looking chairs I have ever seen.

We didn’t have a ton of money so a new chair was a new chair. I can only imagine if the price was right, the chair was right. We never had matching furniture. This particular chair I remember was mostly white, with pink and red roses and flowers scattered across the fabric. We would have a crocheted blanket draped across the top.

Ugly Flower Chair from Sears
This looks pretty darn close to the ugly chair I remember.

This was one of many chairs my father would rock back and forth while listening to Richard Marx. I could only imagine the play count per chair.

Richard Marx Now vs. Richard Marx Rank In 2007

I actually remember this choice being semi-controversial in my mind in 2007. As I went through the folders of artists, I kept coming back to Marx and asking myself where he should rank. I’ve heard all of his songs throughout my childhood. Besides Weird Al, Marx might actually have the most songs that I subconsciously knew and could sing. Could a 20-something make in 2007 admit he loved a ballad singer?

Well, obviously I could. I knew that Marx was known for his ballads, but had plenty of uptempo hits. Since 07, he released several new albums and this would have to be factored in.

I was generally shocked to see Richard Marx jump ranks over some of my personal favorites. His recent albums didn’t catapult his rank, but his true hits were under-appreciated in the past.

Check out where they rank on my current list.

Richard Marx Metrics

By The Numbers



Richard Marx had some big hits on his early albums. They were hits in the public’s eyes and more importantly hits in my eyes. He managed to produce listenable songs thereafter. He avoided putting bad songs on his albums and always avoided my dreaded “noise tracks”.

A Deep Dive Into the Current Score

Marx can truthfully put together a greatest hits album with his 5-star songs. He could put out 5 albums with songs I think are worth listening to. Better yet, you could play most of his music and I wouldn’t have to get up and skip tracks (my basis for 2-star songs). He might not be The Beatles, but his hits helped propel him over some big names in the Hall of Fame.

Richard Marx Podcasts for Reference

Published 08/13/2019

Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

Richard Marx

Richard Marx sits down and talks with a friend. Michael is an actor that does a pretty darn good job navigating an organic conversation with Richard Marx. Richard tells a few great stories about Lionel Richie and how his career kickstarted. Richard also takes out the guitar and plays a few songs – that sounds fantastic for being done on the whim.

Published 07/16/2012

Inside Musicast

Richard Marx

Richard Marx talks a lot about his songwriting throughout the years. It’s interesting to hear about how Marx broke into music by singing backup with Richie, writing with Kenny Rogers, and working with Luther Vandross. There was some music played between segments, but overall a professional, clean sounding interview.

Published 05/26/2019

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast!

Richard Marx

Gilbert and his co-host talk with Richard Marx about his father (Big Dick), creating jingles, and his transformation into pop music. It’s interesting how Marx did tons of background vocals before he got his own record deal. He was working with big stars before he became one himself. This is an enjoyable listen with a wonderful collaboration between Richard Marx and Gilbert signing “Right Here Waiting” at the end.

Published 01/29/2020

Never Not Funny: The Jimmy Pardo Podcast

Richard Marx

Richard Marx shows up about halfway through the podcast – so I think. I skipped until I heard his voice. At first, I thought the host was the voice from Jeopardy (referenced on Weird Al’s “I Lost On Jeopardy”), but it is a standup comedian. Marx talks a lot about working with Chicago and Peter Cetera as a backup singer in Chicago 17. He also discussed his Twitter use and why he shares his political views.

Published 02/18/2020

The Moment with Brian Koppelman

Richard Marx

Richard talks more about his successful songwriting career. Marx also does a deeper dive in dealing with success at an early age and having a successful dad.

Published 07/19/2018

Chart Beat Podcast

Chart Beat Podcast: The Hot 100 This Week in 1988 with Richard Marx

This podcast was interesting and fun. They start the show off with the top ten songs in a specific week/year. This episode was 1988. They sampled all of the top 10 songs – and of course, “Hold Onto the Night” was number one. He goes in more detail about the song, where he was when he heard it went number one, and about writing.

Published 01/14/2020

Love Someone with Delilah

Richard Marx: “Right Here Waiting For You”

Yes, it’s that Delilah from the radio. And you guessed it, they talk about love and Marx’s relationship with Daisy Fuentes for the entire first half of the podcast.

Richard Marx Videos for Reference

Finding some quality Richard Marx documentaries (or close to it) was difficult. Richard Marx was all over YouTube for his actual channel and music videos. He also has plenty of live performances and songs. There were very few quality interviews or behind the music style docs.

Richard Marx: Story Behind the Song “Hazard” – (YouTube) Richard Marx references in many of his podcasts how his shows have an element of humor and here is a four minute display. My favorite (SPOILER) song is “Hazard” so I was interested in hearing about it came about. (ANOTHER SPOILER) He didn’t think it would be a hit.

Dini Petty Show – (YouTube) For the second artist in a row (previously covered Burton Cummings), Dini Petty has showed up. I went through and watched another interview with Dini – this time with Richard Marx. The available video on YouTube is around an hour, with the first half-hour being dedicated to Marx. He performs a bit. Stick around and see some very classic ’90s commericals.

The Howard Stern Interview Show – (E! on YouTube) We all know Howard Stern and this was the early days of his show being on TV. This is actually a spin-off (my guess) of his popular radio show and done as an interview. This gets weird real quick and Marx is about as uncomfortable as all of us watching. For nearly 20-minutes Howard talks about Richard’s wife and tries to pressure him into singing.

The Battle of Richard Marx Albums

Richard Marx Albums
Repeat Offencer333.33%
Paid Vacation314.29%
Richard Marx210.00%
Rush Street123.08%
Flesh and Bone75.00%
Days in Avalon33.33%
Beautiful Goodbye27.27%
My Own Best Enemy16.67
Emotional Remains9.09%

The Greatest Hit from Richard Marx

After going through the catalog, I knew that my previous winner would dominate the competition. I like several songs and there were plenty of 5-star hits, but let’s save the time and talk about the true winner.

Previous Greatest Hit and Tournament Outcome


Not only do I think the story of this song was fun, the actual lyrics and song itself it creative. Even though there are plenty of love songs that I like, I tend to not really care about the words/lyrics as much as I like the sound of songs. “Hazard” caught my attention with the story. Although I never tried to put it all together, I loved the sound and the narrative.


Richard Marx gets a huge nod for being a nostalgia act in my life. I am sure there are other fans of Marx and everything he has done, but my fondness to his music comes from early memories. If you had me listen to his music for the first time today, I would still like a lot of it but he might not get that added star bump. I will continue to support and listen to his new music, but I doubt they will ever come off as great as his early ’90s work (mostly because my dad won’t be there to play over-and-over).


April 24, 2020

“Soul Motion” is a top contender to fight “Hazard” for best song in the future. This song has grown on me over the years.