Backstory of Richard Marx and Me

Ugly Chairs in the Living Room

Much like many of my early 90s favorites, immune memories trace back to my father and his musical preferences. Richard Marx was one of his absolute favorites. Unfortunately, I have no idea what struck his fancy with Richard Marx. His genre of choice was mostly classic rock, but soft rock started to creep up in his playlist.

Afternoons on the weekend and evenings during the weekday, my father would sit in our ‘middle room’ and just listen to his CD player. Sometimes he would have some headphones on, but most of the time he would let the music play throughout the house. This happened at both homes I

Richard Marx CDs were played weekly. I have some of the most vivid memories of walking into the room and seeing my dad just listening – sitting in a flower print recliner. Yes, we had acquired some of the gaudiest looking chairs I have ever seen.

We didn’t have a ton of money so a new chair was a new chair. I can only imagine if the price was right, the chair was right. We never had matching furniture. This particular chair I remember was mostly white, with pink and red roses and flowers scattered across the fabric. We would have a crocheted blanket draped across the top.

Ugly Flower Chair from Sears
This looks pretty darn close to the ugly chair I remember.

This was one of many chairs my father would

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