Backstory of Elton John and Me

Although Elton John has been a name I knew of from an early age, his music doesn’t resonate with a ton of memories. I don’t know when I first heard an Elton John song or when I decided that he was a big deal.

Grab All of the Elton John Records

Elton John Record

One year after my father passed away, my mom and I had to move and downsize. We lived in a three-bedroom house and our ‘middle’ room was wall-to-wall with my dad’s records. I was 16 and obviously an idiot.

As we decided what items we would keep and what items would be disposed of, we discussed the record collection. Thankfully, I started getting a taste of good music (I wouldn’t fully evolve my musical preference for a few more years). I managed to grab all of The Beatles records, most of the solo albums by John and Paul (Wings included). I grabbed a few random records and also grabbed everything Elton John.

My guess is I discovered Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and realized that Elton John was a great artist. I know my friend Erik’s mom was a big Elton John fan; maybe he influenced me a bit. Tough to say, but I have his records

One of my biggest regrets in life is not securing these records. Other items I wish I would have held onto during the move:

I can be thankful that I did bring all my old trading cards, my Hasbro Wrestling figures, and my PWI magazine collection. I am not much of a packrat but do understand the importance of keeping select items.

Your Song, Her Song, Our Song

“Your Song” has been a favorite of mine for years. Lauren and I both enjoy this song ever since we watched Ewan Mcgregor sing it in Moulin Rouge! This was probably one of the first movies we watched together. This song was always approved for any joint playlist.

Many many years later, we had our lovely daughter – who is a diva. She loves to dress up, wear ridiculous outfits, and perform. She took up piano lessons and was able to pick a song for their ’70s Night Recital’. Guess what our obvious choice was?

Lainee had her chance to dress up like Elton John (we tried the whole white-feather look). Along with her instructor, she played “Your Song” for the crowd. For only playing for a month, she did a great job and we were super proud of her.

I am sure this won’t be her last diva performance.

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