Backstory of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Me

Paula’s 45s – CCR on Vinyl

I’ve mentioned my father’s record collection several times on this website. In short, he had a tremendous collection. On the other hand, I have never mentioned my mother’s collection. This is mostly because I only remember seeing these records one time.

My dad had this collection in our recreation room. My mother had her collection in the kitchen. We had a pretty large entertainment stand in the far corner of our kitchen. This is where we had our cassette player (with dubbing technology). I remember using this cassette player to make many ‘mix’ cassettes. We could speed up the dubbing and listen to the music play like chipmunks.

Along with the cassette player, there was a huge stash of cassettes. In one of the bottom drawers, there was a hodgepodge of small records. I recall my mom pulling them out one evening and showing me several albums.

I don’t remember any of the artists – with the exception of Creedence Clearwater Revival. This was in the mid-90s and by this time my mom listened to nearly 100% Christian music. I remember being shocked she actually had secular music. This was the first and last time I ever saw this collection.

Stevie Quackenbush and Hobo Music

Backyard wrestling was a huge part of teenage years and most high schoolers in the late 90s. The WWF and WCW were diving headfirst into pop culture and my friends and I couldn’t get enough. A rag-tag group of my friends and I decided we were going to have our own federation.

Of course, we needed entrance music if we were going to be legit. It was the early days of ripping CDs and we were going to make a soundtrack to make our lives easier. Instead of changing out CDs each time a new wrestler came to the “ring”, we could just skip to the right track. We had a wrestler friend – dubbed as Ill-Goth – who had a CD burner and was going to do the work for us.

Most of us had our music already picked out ahead of time. Napster was very prevalent and we sent him a list of must have songs. One of our newer wrestler recruits was still without a song.

Stevie Quackenbush was my lifelong neighbor and friend. He and his younger brother Gino moved next door when I was in elementary school. When I moved down the street, his family so happened to move next door again. He wanted to join our federation and we brought him in – as a Hobo character.

Not sure why he became a hobo, but it just fit. And what music should a hobo have? We didn’t know. We asked Ill-Goth and just so happened he had “Bad Moon Rising” on his computer. From that day on, we now have Hobo music.

Sam Goody Double CD

In the early 2000s, if you had a car and were in high school – you drove around for fun. Not all of my friends had cars, but we had enough to have options. I didn’t drive until senior year and most of my high school life was spent riding with my friend Erik.

Erik and I had very similar musical tastes. Even when we had differences in taste, they weren’t that far off. He seemed to like The White Stripes a bit more and I loved 80s New Wave. One genre we both loved was classic rock – and in this case Swamp Rock. CCR is swamp rock.

Not only did we drive around the city – for hours – we would drive to the mall each weekend. I distinctly remember one trip where Erik and I made our way to the mall and Sam Goodys (a Record store). Erik must have just got paid and he was eyeing up CCRs Greatest Hits cd. With a little bit of nudging, Erik spent his money and we rode back listening to sweet sounds of Fogerty.

This was the first time I heard most of their discography. This would be the album we listened to for months.

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