Backstory of Bad Company and Me

Bad Company and their Greatest Hits album 10 to 6 was prevalent throughout much of my life. My dad played their records, I played their CD, and now I sought out their digital audio. I can easily see them being a Top 30 group, but am I only remembering the greatest hits?

Trying to Play the Drums

The exact timeframe is unclear, but it was likely a few months after my dad passed away (December 2000). His drum set had been sitting at his old church, where he used to play. Since someone at the church was using them for their weekly service. I thought it was time to get the drums back to our house.

I was still in my teens and thought it would be fun to take up my father’s favorite past time. He would let me mess around on the drums when I was younger, but it was never anything more than smashing the cymbals. After we collected all of the items from the church, I realized that my plan of learning to play would be much like me playing as a child.

The only song that I remember playing was “Feel Like Makin’ Love”. When you get to the main chorus, even I could tell how to play the drums. For even a few seconds, I understood how cool it was to be a drummer.


The music in movies tends to leave a longer and more lasting impression than most movies. Even if the entire soundtrack isn’t great, one good song can make the movie memorable. This holds true for Wonderland.

My friend Matt introduced me to the movie. We watched it on a weekend afternoon with a few friends. I (without Googling) have no idea what the plot of the movie is about. I believe there was some type of real-life murder dealing with John Holmes (famous ‘70s adult film star). All I can remember is the song “Shooting Star” was very prominent in the movie. I don’t remember if the movie was any good, but that song sure was.

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