Discoveries – July 2019

The month of July had some interesting finds. Unlike June (where I found some legit new names), July was learning more about some artists solo careers. Throughout the month, I ranked The Moody, Blues, Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, and started on Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (waiting for two obscure albums to come in from Amazon).

Tom and Jerry

My son was a huge fan of the cartoon when he was young, but we aren’t talking about animation. Simon and Garfunkel were originally called Tom and Jerry. Sounds like they had a few hits and even released a ‘best of’ in 2002.

The Wrecking Crew

I was watching a documentary (it might have been a Simon and Garfunkel doc) and they were referencing The Wrecking Crew. I guess this was a famous group of musicians that primarily stayed behind the scenes and did the session work. I would be interested in learning more and see what they did collectively and individually.

David Gilmour

I obviously knew who David Gilmour was but didn’t realize he released several solo albums. I always leaned more Gilmour than Waters, so I think these albums might be great ‘new’ finds for me and my iTunes.

Roger Waters

After hearing an interview/podcast with Conan O’Brien saying Roger Waters was a dick – I have no choice but to judge the man. He does come off arrogant in the documentaries and everyone echoes Conan’s thoughts. I should, however, give his solo stuff a try.

Dream Academy

Dream Academy was mentioned briefly during a podcast with David Gilmour. I’m not sure if he played, produced, or just liked this group. The name sounded strikingly familiar, but I’m not sure if I could name any of their songs. I will surely sample and see if I like them.

Kate Bush

David Gilmour drops another name in a podcast that I seriously have never heard of. I’m not sure of the genre, the timeframe, or anything about her. I’m also assuming it is a her. The name was dropped, I wrote it down, and I will do some research when I can.

The Hollies

I’m pretty sure I knew of The Hollies and I am thinking my parents had one of their CD’s. In this case, I felt I would rather be safe than sorry and jot the name down. The name came up when doing my CSNY ranking and Graham Nash talked about his previous band. Yes, I am certain that I know of The Hollies – just not sure if I have any of their music.


Turns out that CSNY had a pretty crazy history and broke up and did duos for portions of their career. I figured it would be nice to explore these duos. I can almost promise you that I will like the Crosby-Nash more than Stills-Young….not this is a tag team match or anything.

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