Discoveries – June 2019

As part of the process of ranking all of my favorite artists, I go out on a learning-spree. I look and find documentaries, podcasts, interviews, and movies that all center around the artist I am ranking. Through this, I find and hear names that I wasn’t aware of.

Yes, in 2019 there are still artists from the past (some well known) that I had zero clue about. When I hear these names, I bring out my iPhone and open up my Notes. I jot down the name. Along with other artists that are not on my original ’07 list, they will join my ranking in the future.

Traveling Wilburys

This is probably the headline act for my June finds. The Traveling Wilburys came known when I was watching the Jeff Lynne documentary and listening to ELO. I cannot wait to sample and listen to their albums.

Roy Orbison

Much like the Traveling Wilburys, I discovered Roy Orbison when researching Electric Light Orchestra. Of course I am familiar with the name and a few songs, but never really gave him a thought. I think I will enjoy Roy’s work.

The Move

Listening to Electric Light Orchestra is really helping me build my backlog of musical acts. This British band had Roy Wood (ELO) in the 1960s and is worth a shot. This one could be hit or miss.


Much like The Move, this was another British band with Roy Wood. Seems like they had a Christmas hit but not sure if I heard anything else.

Justin Hayward

I obviously know The Moody Blues, but I couldn’t have told you a single member. Justin Hayward actually sang (solo) one of my favorite songs, “Forever Autumn”. Turns out it was on a soundtrack “Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds” and wasn’t on a Moody Blues album.

Les Paul

This is a bit of a bonus. I know of the guitar, but I was listening to a podcast about Fender vs. Gibson. In the podcast, they start talking about Les Paul and I honestly had no clue it was an actual person and not just a name. I should probably give his work a try.

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