Discoveries – September 2019

Peter Cetera

Let’s be clear – this isn’t the first time I heard of Peter Cetera. I knew he was a member of Chicago and knew he left. I just wasn’t sure about his solo career. After ranking all of the Chicago songs, it is clear I am very Peter Cetera-Chicago and less Terry Kath-Chicago. This means I should seek out and find Cetera’s solo work.

George Benson

George Benson was briefly discussed during a Chicago podcast/documentary. The name was familiar but I couldn’t quite think of any of his songs. After a quick Wikipedia search, of course I know George Benson’s “On Broadway”. He is also from Pittsburgh – so that’s a plus in my book.

The Missing Links

The Missing Links were referenced during one of the podcasts I listened to and I was intrigued. This Australian garage rock group played in the ’60s. I don’t believe they had any major hits but were big influences on other big rock groups.

The Hollies

Not only have I heard of The Hollies, I believe my father had their greatest hits album. The Hollies were just one of those groups that were tucked away and forgotten about when compared to the big rock and roll acts. Graham Nash came from The Hollies and that is what sparked my memory.


When I listened to one of the Greatest Hits albums for CSNY, I noticed there were a few tracks by Manassas. I had no clue who was in that group, but obviously knew it was affiliated with the band. Turns out this was a supergroup led by Stephen Stills and was a big deal when they first came out.

The Flying Burrito Brothers

With a band name like that, how can you not be interested? You would think it was a parody act, but it turns out they were a pretty serious rock band. They were mentioned during a CSNY doc, so I figured I would jot their names down and put them on my list of TODO’s.

Weather Report

Weather Report was brought up several times over the last few months. This time I took the name down and figured I would do some research. This jazz group has been around for a long time and a big influence on acts like Chicago. Not sure if it will be my favorite music but I will give it a try.

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