Ranking Update 9.0/10.0 – CSNY/CSN

The process of ranking my favorite musical artist has been rather enjoyable. Granted, this process started years ago – but the website and the actual documentation was all started in June 2019. For the most part, there has been very little to no delays. Until now…

Missing CSNY Albums

I have been rather fortunate. For the most part, all eight groups/artists that I ranked since June had discographies within my collection. The Beatles, Journey, and “Weird Al” – I had every single song and album. Some of the other groups, I popped on iTunes and bought an album here and there. It wasn’t super difficult to get the entire collection.

When I was reviewing my collection for CSNY, I noticed I would have to buy a few albums. This didn’t seem like much of a problem. I headed over to Amazon.com and purchased Live It Up and After the Storm. The albums were 99 cents apiece with a few bucks for shipping and handling. To buy them on iTunes, I would have to pay ten bucks apiece. I knew these albums would likely be so-so and more importantly, I had a vacation scheduled that week. By the time I got back from Walt Disney World, I would have two CDs ready to rip and listen.

CSNY or CSN album Live It Up
I’m not sure if I will ever order from somewhere without 2-day shipping. A few dollars saving was not worth the hassle.

Live It Up arrived in about two weeks. I am used to 2-day shipping with Prime but I wasn’t in a rush. After another week, I checked with the second disc. Surprisingly, it said it would arrive on September 2nd. This was rather stupid, but I would wait.

I waited. I even waited until after Labor Day (thinking maybe it was delayed). Sure enough, it was September 4th and nothing. I went online and let the seller know the CD never arrived. The funny thing was it was the exact same seller and both CDs were on the same order. I received an email later that night saying that they have 90 days to send them out (from Germany). Awful.

The very next day I received a notification that they were going to credit me the amount. I went right over to iTunes, purchased, downloaded, listened, and ranked.

I placed the order for these CD’s July 22nd.

Adding a New Artist: CSN is not CSNY

In 2007, I either didn’t realize that there were two different groups or didn’t care. I actually rated my favorite song “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” and gave credit to CSNY – even though it’s a CSN song.

Truth is, if CSN only had one album I might clump them together. But both groups had several albums and deserved to be scored separately. I surely wasn’t going to just listen to CSNY albums and come back at Artist 170 and do CSN. I figured I would just add the group to the ranks now.

CSNY is Better than CSN but not Boston

Boston was falling and falling after each artist. They finally found a group/s that couldn’t give them the bump. Although CSNY and CSN scored well, they released some mediocre albums (like the ones that I bought – smacks forehead). Both groups scored well enough to stay in the top 20 (guessing) but I have a feeling that they will get beat out by some of my recent favorites (Queen and Tenacious D). Stay tuned and we will see if CSNY/CSN can overcome the juggernauts.

Be sure to check out my complete review of CSN and CSNY.

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