Discoveries – Early and Mid 2020

What was a monthly segment turned into 10 months of collecting. It was less about finding new artists and bands and more about the time it took to document. As everyone knows, 2020 has been a crazy year. We finished 2019 with America and started documenting Bad Company and Queen. It is October and we just finished the Eagles.

Strap in – this is a long list of new discoveries and artists to add to the list.

Paul Rodgers, Free, The Firm, and The Law (covered in Discoveries December)

I was aware of Paul Rodgers from Bad Company. I, however, was not aware of his time in Free or his solo efforts. Not only did Paul Rodgers move on and help Queen tour (years after Freddie Mercury), he managed to team up with some successful musicians and produce some hits. Paul Rodgers will find some new bands on the list in the future.

Otis Redding

I wasn’t completely oblivious to Otis Redding. I know and had “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” on my iTunes in years past. I just wasn’t aware of his impact – especially having the nickname “The King of Soul”. I thought he was another one-hit-wonder that landed a song on the Forrest Gump soundtrack.


I’m not sure if I will ever be able to find an actual Smile record, but this was the predecessor to Queen. I liked Queen, a lot, so why wouldn’t I like some early Smile.

Takeo Ischi

Takeo did not come from the research of a band. I actually stumbled upon Takeo Ischi from YouTube and a band called the Gregory Brothers (the autotune the news team). Takeo is a Japanese yodeler. Sounds crazy – because it is. Nevertheless, he is amazing.

Freddie Mercury

I’m well aware of Freddie – but I need to add him to the list for his solo career. I will have to sample his albums and see where he personally ranks.

The Scaccatos

I stumbled upon The Scaccatos while listening to The Guess Who. They had a weird half and half album, where they split the sides of the record. They are another Canadian band that I will sample in time. I guess I’ve already reviewed several of their songs, but I didn’t pay much attention.

Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band

Not only am I aware of Ringo and his All-Starr Band, I have several CD’s. My dad followed Ringo (you know, drummers supporting drummers) and I have a few compact discs on my bookshelf. I wasn’t aware of the talent (or All Starr’s) he had in this band until I watched a documentary with Burton Cummings and his involvement with the band.

The Deverons

Since I wrote this name down months ago, I honestly can’t remember the connection. I know it has something to do with Burton Cummings. This is likely his first band or a band he dealt with early on before The Guess Who. If I can find a few albums or their discography, I will find out more about them. This seems like a way down the road project.

Burton Cummings

I seriously had no idea who the lead singer of The Guess Who was. I’ve never heard the name Burton Cummings until I started doing research – let alone that he had a long solo career. He was the voice and sound of The Guess Who, so I bet I like some of his solo stuff. But then again, it was primarily in the 80s. We will see.

Bachman Turner Overdrive

I’m actually a bit surprised that BTO didn’t hit my 2007 Top 169. I know of several BTO songs and they are surely better than some of my late-round picks. Either way, we add them to the list and will likely be one of the first to start sampling with the top 169 are done.


Union was a name brought up in a podcast and we will give credit to Randy Bachman. I couldn’t find a common connection between the two on Wikipedia but this band caught my ear when I heard their name. Mostly because I have a CD from my dad’s collection from their group. It will be interesting to see why he had this CD – considering the group seems to be a little harder rock than what he usually listened to. (Turns out the CD was actually Union by Yes – not the group Union.)

The Shadows

Truthbetold, these blogs really need to be done right after I do my artist deep dive. I don’t have a clue who The Shadows are and why they are on the list. My guess is they were an influence or a group that one of the interviewed band leaders mentioned. Who knows?

The Reflections

I do know Randy Bachman mentioned The Reflections in an interview. The Reflections are known for their hit single “(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet”. I am interested in seeing what else they have out there.

Lead Belly

Over the last year, I’ve been hearing tons of artist start referencing some classic blues inspirations. Lead Belly came up for the first time and I felt I was missing something everyone else knew. I’ve never been huge into Jazz or Blues, but if the rockers I like dig it, maybe so will I.

Booker T & the M.G.’s

The only Booker T I knew as the professional wrestler. Well, that’s a lie. I was also familiar with Booker T. Washington. I didn’t know much about the classic R&B band. They are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members – so I better learn.

Bo Diddley

I’ve heard the name Bo Diddley many times. Considering he was a huge influence to other huge influences in Rock and Roll, I’m guessing he is a big deal and we’ve just never crossed paths. There is no doubt that sampling artists like Bo, Booker T, and Lead Belly – I will have a greater understanding and appreciation for early rock and roll.


Poco was brought up twice during the Eagles research. Timothy B. Schmit came from Poco and Randy Meisner also had some time in Poco. Have I heard a Poco song? Not sure. Do I have a Poco CD? Yes. Once again, my father left me a CD from a group I knew nothing about.

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