Ranking Update 7.0 – Simon and Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel made an impact on their rank – but not many others.

Turns out the major difference between 2019 and 2007 is Boston. Simon and Garfunkel moved up to #4 and beat out Boston, ELO, and The Moody Blues. This puts ELO and The Moody Blues exactly where they were in 2007.

I’m not super surprised by the increase in rank by Simon and Garfunkel. When I was piloting out my system (a few years ago), I noticed that they had a bit of a cheat code. Most artists stick around for a while and they start producing some lackluster content. This killed Boston, hurt The Moody Blues, and did some damage to Journey. Simon and Garfunkel had five albums and left while on top.

Now granted, with only 51 qualified songs – they didn’t have as many ‘hits’ as some of the other artists I have ranked but they also didn’t produce any stinkers.

They are currently sitting at #4 and it will be interesting to see what (if any) can knock them down a peg.

Up Next: Pink Floyd

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