Ranking Update 13.0 – Elton John

Ranking Elton John songs was a bit of a chore.

It started off easy and enjoyable. His Elton John record was just fine. I loved Tumbleweed Connection. The best was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Elton John owned the seventies and ranked well because of it.

The eighties were okay.

Nineties were rough.

Elton John had tons and tons of albums. More so than any artist I have ranked so far. This gave him tons of opportunities for good and bad songs. The formula favors 5-star songs and gives a slight edge to songs deemed four stars. Elton had over 100 of these songs.

Even though Elton John had the highest number of 2-star songs (so far), his good songs helped move him to #5 on the ranks. This was completely shocking to me – considering I really hated listening to some of his ’90s stuff.

Although his songs were ‘blah’, they were not god-awful. I would go out of my way to skip the song if played, but I wouldn’t delete the song from existence. If he had more 1-star songs, this could have landed him right at the same spot (ranked 12th).

Take a look at my entire write-up on Elton John.

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