Ranking Update 12.0 – Phil Collins

Phil Collins was ranked #11 in 2007.

Present-day: I questioned my ranking.

Turns out 2007 Eric Hersey loved Phil Collins. Current Eric Hersey loves Phil Collins even more. Unknowingly.

When I started listening to Face Value, I was surprised by how many positive reviews I was leaving. Normally you get an album with mostly three-star songs, a few fours, one or two fives, and possibly twos/ones. Since these are my top artists, the twos/ones aren’t as prevalent. When I hit the bottom feeders (country music), these albums will be loaded with bad scores.

The next few albums by Phil Collins continued to rank high. I had a hard time giving three-star songs. I knew that Phil was going to move rank. I thought he had a chance to dethrone Simon and Garfunkel at #4.

He made a run for it. Phil moved his way to #7 – beating out Chicago. It’s close, but he scored a higher rank.

There is a possibility that Phil puts out a new album or even links up with a Disney Film and this could go up or down in the future. Time will tell.

See my full write up on Phil Collins.

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