Ranking Update 15.0 – America

December (and November) were super busy months. America does not have such a large discography that it took me an entire month and a half to listen and rate, the holidays can be much to blame for this long drought of ranking updates.

America is fine. They are a nice band with some really good songs. They also lasted a lot longer than many other bands. They started in the seventies and released albums into this decade. This, of course, has been seen as a problem for many of the bands I ranked thus far. America’s seventies music was great (outstanding). The current stuff, not so much.

America did remain relatively consistent. They didn’t release tons of ‘talky’ tracks or experimental stuff. They had a few 80s/90s 2-star boring songs – but most of everything else is fine to have on shuffle. For this reason, they scored better than your average band but won’t find themselves in the top 10.

America managed to jump a few spots in the ranks and right now are sitting pretty at 13 (jumping over CSNY). I imagine that some of the upcoming acts will push America down the ranks and they end up settling (when all said and done) in the mid-30s.

Read my full breakdown on America.

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