Ranking Update 22.0 – Tool

Tool gets to jump the line.

Anyone following along at home (in real time), you know that my brother and I have been using his podcast platform to discuss my rankings. I started this online process in July 2019 and we recorded our first Music Ranked! episode a few months ago. I have a pretty good head start.

We just finished up Chicago and we had an idea. Instead of moving right along to Phil Collins, we would take a pit stop and review one of Todd’s favorites. Recently Todd created his own Music Ranked list (a lot less math and a lot more feeling). We compared notes and Tool was his highest ranking band that wasn’t on my list. This seemed like a great opportunity to discover and listen to some new (to me) music.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I dislike death metal (you know, the screamy kind) and wasn’t sure if Tool would fit into that genre. Thankfully, they seemed more like a modern Pink Floyd. I can get behind that.

Yes – Tool has several noise tracks. This doesn’t help their overall score. They also managed to get a few 5-Star songs and several 4-Star songs. They pulled out a positive score (some bands in future won’t get that blessing – looking at you Taylor Swift). I can’t imagine Tool being a top 50 band, but they should be able to crack the top 100.

It will be interesting to see if they stay in the cellar for long. They rank 22 out of 22 at the moment.

Read my full artist breakdown of Tool.

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