Ranking Update 17.0 – Queen

Queen surprised me with their bump in rank. It wasn’t like I just discovered them within the last few years. I have always known about Queen. It just turns out that I like their work more than I originally thought.

Queen doesn’t come off as just a classic rock band. Truthfully, I don’t think any of their albums even come off as traditional classic rock. Even the early albums were a bit “different”.

I thought Queen would lose me in the ’80s. Granted, some of their songs were not wonderful – but they managed to slip in a few hits on each album. This kept any album from being completely unlistenable and more importantly, peppered their total rank.

Defeating out ELO, Elton John, Pink Floyd, and Simon & Garfunkel is a task. My heart still might think these groups are better, but the math explains that Queen is #4.

Read my full breakdown on Queen.

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