Ranking Update 18.0 – The Doors

Wow, what a crazy last few months it has been. I posted about Queen in January and now we are living in a whole new world. The funny thing is, I have a few major reasons why The Doors ranking hasn’t been updated:

  • Super, super busy with my real job.
  • A long vacation.
  • COVID-19 has hit the US.

I actually had The Doors discography listened to, videos watched, and podcasts listened to a month ago. I am actually doing the legwork for The Guess Who right now (and only have a few more albums to track down). I guess putting together my fictional rankings took a bit of a backseat.

Ranking Changes with The Doors

Jim Morrison and The Doors were in the top 20 in 2007. I had a feeling they would stay around the same. The debut album, The Doors, is amazing. The final albums were awful. I figured this would even out and keep them around 15-20 range. Turns out my formula favors the good stuff over the bad (also spoken word tracks are eliminated from qualification).

The Doors jumped to #9 in the ranks and deservingly so. There are a ton of great tracks from the first few albums. Some of their not so good stuff is really just Jim talking. Should I include the spoken word tracks in the scoring? Judgment call and right now I say no. If I ever change my mind, The Doors will drop significantly.

But until then, they cracked that top ten.

Read my full breakdown on The Doors.

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