Ranking Update 25.0 – Cake

Brother Todd and I have been talking about our collective rankings for a while. This turned into a podcast segment (Music Ranked!). When Todd found out about my silly Top 169 Artists Ranking, he decided to put together one of his own. He ranked 100 (maybe one or two fewer because of Spreadsheet issues).

Since we have been recording Music Ranked! episodes for several months, Todd has been forced to sample many of the artists on my list. Some of these artists were easy (Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Elton John). Others – well, they weren’t Todd’s favorites (Chicago and Richard Marx). This created the Palate Cleanse as discussed in the Tool ranking.

Todd would send over the top ranked artists on his list that were not on mine. Tool was first. Cake was second.

This is a great way for me to discover new sounds and artists without having to wait until Artist 170. This also is a fun way to see if these new bands dethrone any of my top artists.

Beating Jethro Tull

Cake beat Jethro Tull. Yes, a group that was unranked in 2007 beat a top 30 group in 2020.

Jethro Tull had some fantastic, iconic hits. They also produced a lot of albums that were not good. Cake on the other hand produced fewer albums and songs, but most were better than average and pleasant. Cake had a few 5-star songs to help catapult them over Tool and Jethro Tull. They also still produce albums, so they might even find themselves jumping CSNY in the future.

Let’s see what the new year(s) bring.

Read my full artist breakdown of the Cake

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