Ranking Update 26.0 – REM

We have two palette cleanse bands (Tool and Cake) and also an added bonus based on the band configuration (CSNY and CSN). The list has grown since 2007 and REM’s initial rank has not shifted too much.

There is no doubt that in 2007 I didn’t have the full catalog of songs in mind. I wasn’t aware that REM was actually an 80s band until starting to do research. I assumed they were right there with Pearl Jam and Nirvana as the “alternative 90s” groups. As I listened to the early albums, I can see the direct influence they had bands that came after.

They were my 23rd favorite band in 2007 and they finished as my 23rd favorite band in 2020. The difference being they now outrank three artists (that were new additions). Officially they jumped Jethro Tull. They fall right below CSN and CSNY.

When reviewing the entire discography, they just had a lot of 3-star songs (or okay songs). There were some fives and a few twos. REM isn’t known for noise tracks, so they weren’t on the receiving end of a 1-star. They certianly had enough quality songs to fill a greatest hits album (or two). But this band was around from 80s to the 2000s. The 3-star songs brought them down, or at least made it hard to compete with the top dogs.

The algorithm got it right. It would be tough for me to decide if I would rather try Cake, CSNY, or REM on shuffle. I certainly like them better than Jethro Tull. Tool is too much of a risk, so I think they landed exactly where they should be.

Read my full artist breakdown of the REM.

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