Ranking Update 11.0 – Chicago

Chicago was waiting on deck for quite some time. CSN and CSNY. As I waited for the CSN CDs, I loaded the Chicago albums on my phone.

I’m not sure if I was shocked when I saw that all of the Peter Cetera-like songs lead the charge. I knew Chicago had a million albums (all labeled Chicago #), but had no ideas that I loved the soft rock so much. Chicago 17,18, and 19 should be given tons of credit for their spike in rank.

Overall, Chicago moved up from #10 in 2007 to the current #7. The Moody Blues and CSNY both were pushed out of the way. It was no surprise that Boston was pushed further and further down the list.

I could see the similarities of Pink Floyd and Chicago. Both groups advanced and changed over the years. Early Pink Floyd is nothing like late Pink Floyd. The same can be said about Terry Kath Chicago and Peter Cetera Chicago.

The consistency is winning out and Simon and Garfunkel and ELO (who sound very similar the entire discography) still keep the lead over Chicago.

I could see Chicago ending in the Top 10 when all is said and done.

Be sure to check out my complete review of Chicago.

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