Ranking Update 19.0 – The Guess Who

To the naked eye, it would appear that I just hammered through The Guess Who discography. This is not true.

As referenced in my previous ranking update, we had a very long February/March. I also had a very hard time tracking down some of The Guess Who’s albums (discussed in detail in their artist profile).

So yes – I just posted an update for The Doors, but I have been listening to The Guess Who for a month or longer. I also found myself having a hard time getting the podcast and YouTube time in to research Burton Cummings and crew. I just finished the Randy Bachman podcasts and watched a documentary on The Guess Who last night.

As far as my opinions go and how the rankings changed, The Guess Who bumped up a few spots (from 18 to 16). I don’t think they will stay in the top twenty for long. I really enjoyed some of their albums, but there were more misses than hits. Not complete, garbage misses – just songs that were ‘blah’. They moved ahead of CSNY and America – which have very similar situations.

Read my full artist breakdown of The Guess Who.

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